Goin’ Deep Show 1642: Where they’ll be banning us soon

Hip Hop fights and Dr. Dre has his brain explode. , We outline the places where we’ll be banned, YouTube is angry with us and we have no idea why but we highlight some other non funny people angry with comics. We ask if we can joke about Jesus.  Kleen tells people to kill something and the Apology tour begins.  We wrap with a store employee saving a dog, a six man tag match, Cobra Kai and Mr. Kleen’s show notes of tits. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1580: Vibrating fun at the local grocery store

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen discuss hidden camera’s in your ass, a recap of the Zaldor shows, Selfies, Facebook, waking up to blowjobs, cock rings, the Pres all Covid-19’d and some dude who wants to put it in his chicks pooper.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep.  TIMELINE  1:00 Zaldor encouraging us do the store  […]