Goin’ Deep Show 1770: Hitting the Pronoun Sac

Kid and Kleen give you a hottie of the week, tell you not to have sperm eyebrows, Instagram telling you can be whatever you want and show it on your profile, So much show content and being anxious to call people out on their bullshit. We call out some fatsos on a balcony that gets busted and Kid gets some focus Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1708: Chivalry saves you from crop-dusts

Kid and Kleen take half the show and discuss trying bring back Chivalry mainly to help ladies avoid getting crop dusted.  A Texas school has other ideas but we have to say we’re agains that.  We wrap with a Stevie Wonder Van Halen Mashup Its good shit. Listen to it assholes. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1644: The Siamese Twin sex robot

Kid and Kleen talk Twitter, Chinese government stopping births, Kleen throws shouts to his favorite big titted bitch and we dive even harder into the sex robot. We do some Hottie of the week to wrap and talk about cleaning out your sex dolls cooch. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1614: My nickname is Johnny Kilbasa

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen kick some ass in this GDS with stories that include dating a massage lady, super vibrators, a new app to check out and a clip of a brother and a honkey asking which politicians have the best titties.  Spoiler alert there are some angry bitches who overhear it and fly off the deep end. We dish out a few porn star hottie of the weeks, Make Kleen dance a few times, Kid refuses to do shows on weekends now, Dr. Dre is somehow important again and we wrap it up with A directors porn star daughter and play a clips of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard yelling at each other. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.