Goin’ Deep Show 1617: Doctor Glaze vs Captain Cum

IN STUDIO:  Time to offend and piss off as many people as we possibly can. Mr. Kleen talks titties… of course, we do some throwbacks to the old days of the show including our feature in the newspaper, teasers to original podfather Adam Curry’s podcast, Paralyzer’s clip talking about ordering pizza and we try to celebrate pronouns day.  We read about celebrity pastors getting a little too freaky with hookers when he’s supposed to be faithful and The Pope now says it’s okay do all sorts of extra shit with whoever you want…. or did he.  Lots of Holy Shit talk in this one. We wrap up with The Kid trying to give a shit about social networks starting to babysit every fucking word we think. Listen in and go Fucking Deep

Goin’ Deep Show 1614: My nickname is Johnny Kilbasa

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen kick some ass in this GDS with stories that include dating a massage lady, super vibrators, a new app to check out and a clip of a brother and a honkey asking which politicians have the best titties.  Spoiler alert there are some angry bitches who overhear it and fly off the deep end. We dish out a few porn star hottie of the weeks, Make Kleen dance a few times, Kid refuses to do shows on weekends now, Dr. Dre is somehow important again and we wrap it up with A directors porn star daughter and play a clips of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard yelling at each other. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1609: Death to country music

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Endo get in studio waiting for Mr. Kleen to quit circle jerking at the polls.  Endo says she’ll ride the pole, dance around it and sends a shout out to our second favorite podcast.  Kid tells the world what turns him on, Endo give us her hallpass, it just happens to be someone sho had shit in their bed. We talk about where in the world people would listen to our nonsense and you’d be surprised.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep.