Goin’ Deep Show 1464: She wants to wave the wand while I pee

  Kid welcomes in Kleen and Mischief where the we discuss for a brief moment the weekend activities at Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus Ohio.   Kleen gives us the lowdown on the Arnold Classic that’s also held in Columbus and how it will warp your sense of reality when it comes to attractive people. […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1463: Sex in strange places

Kid welcomes in Endo, Wild Rose and Juice where we discuss how dumb NFL players are, Tinder vs Instagram and how to people watch like crazy on it. Juice says he thinks he’s in a bad category but we disagree and give him a proper title.  Meanwhile the ladies of the show just start dropping […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1462: Wild Rose can take a dick

Kid welcomes in the lovely ladies in this episode and it includes Endo and Wild Rose. Discuss the game between the guys and the girls.  We make it aware to the world that Wild Rose is not putting up with your shit and neither is Endo. Wild Rose tells all boys to just stop shitting […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1460: Did you smell Elle Macphersons titties?

Kid welcomes into the padded room studio the one and only Silverback and new guest Jay Bird where the trio discuss how to hunt down celebrities to get some autographs. Kid reveals the agenda of the woman and it includes them holding their pussy on a pedestal and using it as ammo to get what […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1459: Taco Tuesday, Boner Thursday

Kid, Endo, and Riggs drunkenly discuss whiskey dick, crazy bitches and rescuing some wheels held hostage. We discover Endo loves fart sounds as much as the Kid does. Riggs tells the tale of a cousin blasting qweefer sounds on him at the drop of a dime. We wrap up with a funeral fuck story and […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1458: Do you cum after the choking and stabbing?

Kid welcomes back Endo and newcomer Riggs to the show where they discuss bitch crazy levels, forms of transportation being held hostage, choking, belts around the neck and safe words. Kid relives dumb fucking relationshit stuff, hotels, motels and mirrors on the ceiling. We ask Riggs if he’s ever used his talent as a guitar […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1457: Motorboat his balls

Kid welcomes back Mr. Kleen,  Mischief and Kelso into the studio where we talk AB’s of oral sex, jaw soreness and female fans with lesbian sex change problems. Kleen and his new lady discuss how you have to work into some anal, the Bowflex granny and how if you’re attractive you can get away with lots of […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1456: In a bloody vagina baby

Kid welcomes back Mr. Kleen and he has with him his new lady friend known as Mischief.  Kelso also sits in but doesn’t want to say shit on the mic.  We think she’s just here for the free beer. Kid appreciates the fact that Mr. Kleen found someone who is just as awful and disgusting […]