Goin’ Deep Show 1654: Most disturbing 70s scene ever

Kid and Kleen do some major research on the most disturbing porn scene they’ve ever seen. There wa sa shooting at Hooters in Saginasty, Kleen wants to look at midgets but all we have is some rape fantasy. Kid hocks a loony, and we wrap up with cheating on your sex doll. Go Deep.

Goin’Deep Show 1621: Hairy Effin’ Christmas

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen wishing everyone a sad and unhappy Christmas. We kick off with Kid being all pissed off about the dumb holiday we’re all supposed to buy into. We rip on Joe Rogan’s show and how it’s shit now since he’s on spotify, and somehow Kleen gets accused of having a dick in his mouth. We talk about Swinger parties, The Spinning Wheel, Kleen banging a married lady at a nasty motel, Youtube suggested videos, Greg Norman swimsuit dong, and sending a very special Christmas to the wrong person.  Listen in and go Fucking Christmas Deep.