Goin’ Deep Show 1662: You wanna Boof or Taybow

Kid, Silverback, and Spoo from Atlanta jump on the mic where the Kid brings up some sad death to some childhood heroes. Spoo’s connection is shaky and we try to convince the Kid that Asians are more than just local buffet masters. The Proud Boys get trolled, silverback dates fake tits on an Asian and we tell the tale of how Spoo won the guess the vagina contest. Anal swabs, covid tests, and aggressive sista’s wanting to date white boys is also brought up.  Listen in and go deep. The audio quality on the Spoo call is a bit shaky. We’ll do better next time.

Goin’ Deep Show 1636: Mr. Kleen Birthday Sushi

Serious meat curtains for the flossing with the vag lips in this one. Kid asks what the hell is a Tik Tok Star an Instagram Model and if we can eat Sushi off of a naked chick in studio. We talk about dog teeth, Old man vs Young men, The Jackass crew thinking another movie is a good idea and we start the apology tour when we feature a college football player having to say sorry for eating some delicious treats off a naked bitch. We wrap it up with some info about a new/old sex position and more disappointment than we can shake a stick at.  Go Deep.