Goin’ Deep Show 1648: Spring loaded boner system

Kid and Kleen deal with broken equipment, vag rejuvenation, freezing our asses off and jerk roulette. Kid goes over an accidentally watched on purpose, talks about the power of the podcast, hairspray hand jobs and we throw some love to one of our favorite podcasts.  Kid is watching History of Swearing and Kleen said he’s now gone to blacked.com for black history month. Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1632: Stop the homophobia

Please, pretty please don’t start a podcast. A public service announcement from some Australians and from us here at The Goin’ Deep Show. We do some urban dictionary, play a clip of some hillbillies and one of those Paul boys saying even more dumb shit than we do. Did we mention someone called us homophobes on Apple Podcasts.  We’re hurt. Wah! Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1609: Death to country music

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Endo get in studio waiting for Mr. Kleen to quit circle jerking at the polls.  Endo says she’ll ride the pole, dance around it and sends a shout out to our second favorite podcast.  Kid tells the world what turns him on, Endo give us her hallpass, it just happens to be someone sho had shit in their bed. We talk about where in the world people would listen to our nonsense and you’d be surprised.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep.