Goin’ Deep Show 1688: Thanks for the mom jeans

Kid gets angry with his dog, gets scared of robots taking over and loves watching old Stern clips on YouTube. We go over what the fuck the new term of the week is for some dumbness sexual preference then get distracted from fucked up mom jeans. We wrap with some Rollings band, No more hot shit on TV and how Heavy Metal is good for us. Dive in. Listen up. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1675: Zooming in on the cameltoe

Beware of the inner workings of a woman. Don’t be tempted to let agenda creep in from that thing. Oversensitive clits, zooming on cameltoe and the countdown to legal ages are all in this episode along with Miley and Dua Lipa getting Raunchy, Kleen calls out bitches fucking with their hair. We tell everyone what the slut magnet is and we wrap with fat chicks in ads. WTF.  Go Deep.