Goin’ Deep Show 1644: The Siamese Twin sex robot

Kid and Kleen talk Twitter, Chinese government stopping births, Kleen throws shouts to his favorite big titted bitch and we dive even harder into the sex robot. We do some Hottie of the week to wrap and talk about cleaning out your sex dolls cooch. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1643: ADHD Jack Off Pegging

Tons to consume in this edition of the show. We bring you jerking to dead people, sex predictions, sex robots, virtual relationshits, mega virtual group orgie apps, burning your sex toy if it doesn’t pleasure you and Miley likes decorates with sex toys. Kleen admits he hasn’t been right since he was 10 years old and Red Eye shows some interest in cyborgs. We wrap with Bang bus teachers and porn scenarios in rapid fire. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1633: Cyberporking is running rampant

Time for the Red Eye Sex Robot hack. The first of our new segments for 2021 where we tap into the multitude of Red Eye and his six thousand dollar sex robots. We play some Covid Rock songs with some preacher yelling like a fool, hear from a little black kid who is not down for some chinese food and the Kid expresses his distaste for Facebook and their brain warping ways. Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1632: Stop the homophobia

Please, pretty please don’t start a podcast. A public service announcement from some Australians and from us here at The Goin’ Deep Show. We do some urban dictionary, play a clip of some hillbillies and one of those Paul boys saying even more dumb shit than we do. Did we mention someone called us homophobes on Apple Podcasts.  We’re hurt. Wah! Go Deep.