Goin’ Deep Show 1631: Our Old Tumblr was awesome

We play video game talk in this one, Zaldor is joining us from the line at the local Covid vaccination location. We recap our amazing tumblr that we used to have before the kicked our dumbass out. We try to catch up on the pornhub deletion of millions of videos and talk about how Howard Stern is now being criticized since he’s sign the big contract. We play a clip of a little brother catching his parents and wrap with a Hottie of the week. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1595: Time for chicken sex

We hate everyone equally, wag our finger at political correctness, Kid has decided to make fun of which potty people choose to go in then talks shit about words that make people squirm. He rips on some bands he  wish would just die in a plane crash already then does some headlines about a guy fucking a chicken, gives out his favorite pro wrestler, sex workers learning the inter web and Mr. Kleen attempting to sell his farts on Ebay. We wrap discussing where a few local podcasters went and dish out a Paralyzer’s Hottie of the Week.