Goin’ Deep Show 1663: Suck a Cheeta Dick

Kid, Silverback and Spoo from Atlanta yap over some awful Spoo audio. We play some Classic Wesley Willis, Ex’s working at breweries, Ice Cube Raider caps and riots are brought up. We realize Don Rickles would have a hard time in todays world with all the sensitive pussies, We play a little Throat Babies, and Ava Devine. Audio a little shaky in this one from Spoo’s phone. Go deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1660: Throat Babies

Kleen’s drinking moonshine and starting to slur, interruptions abound. We play our new favorite song, talk about what age oral songs are not appealing then describe one of the latest masterpieces in music video.  Kleen reveals he still buys DVDs and lives in 1997 and we wrap up some Pam Anderson headlines and some rockin’ music from a local friend. Go Deep.