Goin’ Deep Show 1444: Get a funnel and blow some air up in that thing

IN THIS EPISODE OF THE GOIN’ DEEP SHOW: Mr. Kleen joins the Kid and he has brought a few newbies in. The Grip and Kelso join the crew with stories of peace and love along with boning dead bodies from a serial killer who just needs to get his rocks off. Mr. Kleen wants to talk medical details about lady parts and the Kid just wants to talk too much about pushing air up in that thing. Kelso discusses two dudes trying to put their thing into parts of her body that she just doesn’t think belong there. Kleen answers the age-old question of how often do you worry about getting your dick muddy when you’re doing anal and We are introduced to the Grip and figure out how Kleen knows the dude. Super secret involves role-playing and games. We give Mr. Kleen the new title of content development for the show which includes granny porn and sewing cock foreskin shut in extremely graphic detail. If you want more you’ll have to listen in. Go Deep.

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