Goin’ Deep Show 1445: Don’t mess with fatty’s. They’ll kill you.

IN THIS EPISODE OF THE GOIN’ DEEP SHOW: Kid and Silverback in the studio discussing a little baseball, some geek shit, politics and wonder why guys just can’t have shit now without some bullshit snowflake having a fucking problem with it. The Kid throws out his worse search term story… again and to make up for it gives everyone a hottie of the week. This week its Inga Lis. We talk about death via the workout and how we Loooove workout Instagram. On Tap we do some heavy beers and how fat we’ve gotten this offseason. Silverback recaps his Chicago New Years trip and how not to plan a hangover. Kid wants to address the SJW’s of the world and how everyone just needs to mind their own fucking business. We hit on the Louis CK leaked set and who gives a figgety-fuck about assholes who can’t chill the fuck out. Agree to disagree ya dumb fucks.  Stop trying to ruin everyone’s good time. We do some music talk where we try to figure out what the ever living fuck is going on with the top 50 songs on Spotify and the Kid has fucking figure out why it sucks hairy balls. Silverback is going to be the next Flea and its all for the groupies.We wrap up with news that includes

    • Fatties who killed their dads
  • Farting felons

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