Goin’ Deep Show 1802: Fights, Jeopardy and silent P’s

Kid and Kleen do some base-brawling, compare kids to grown adults, give you an 80s hottie thats all old and shit and we tell you how to offend a few Jeopardy watchers. Go Deep. 


1:00 The old studio pose

2:00 The Past – Lets talk about the past

3:00 Who doesn’t want a sex fest

4:00 Dismantled those capabilities

5:00 Baseball brawls

6:00 Start off casual – we won

7:00 Then its brawl time

8:00 Ballerina outfits

9:00 Baseball jersey vs Basketball jersey

10:00 A scuffle with a high school team 

11:00 Sticking extra letters on shit and telling them to be quiet 

12:00 All those 80s hotties – Lucifer 

13:00 I’ll have to look. – check out season 5 

14:00 She looks like she’s all natural 

15:00 Stuns in rare photo with 28 year old 

16:00 Jeopardy viewers – medical answer

17:00 So who gets fucking pissed 

18:00 Get the fuck out of life

19:00 Final Words – Visit thegds.com – hit the store 

Go Deep.

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