Goin’ Deep Show 1803: You ruined music. Be depressed

Kid and Kleen give you wondrous stories of depression because dumb fuckers ruined music with technology, Kid gets superstitious, brings up sex cults and tells everyone to buy shit and watch us live on webcam at Youtube.com/goindeep. Go Deep. 


1:00 Bootstomp 20 minutes of your day

2:00 Weirdest sensation in history – Wiping the bunghole

3:00 Across the tips of my fucking fingers

4:00 Deliberately take a crap before shower

5:00 Depression or Assault? – Kleen you pick

6:00 TPain you ruined music

7:00 Auto tuned bullshit

8:00 Did I fuck up music

9:00 Kid being strange about his game

10:00 Jerk off or sex cults?  

11:00 Multiple phones and girls 

12:00 I wanna bang, I wanna bang 

13:00 Sex cult everybody 

14:00 Sister Wives – How do you do that

15:00 Guy on his bike stops in front of house 

16:00 Not gonna reveal what made me think

17:00 Live webcam at youtube.com/goindeep 

18:00 Men die early in marriage 

19:00 Final Words –  Merch. Go get some at goindeepshow.com/shop

Go Deep.

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