Goin’ Deep Show 1804: Dad that message wasn’t for me

Kid and Kleen remind us all the everyone will disappoint you at some point so just take those expectations down a notch or two-hundred. Kleen accidentally sends a message to his daughter that he meant to send to his lady but only teases us with what it is. We chat about wedding crap and how nobody is satisfied. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 This entire podcast is a tornado

2:00 I don’t believe you I think you’re violent

3:00 It was quite the opposite effect

4:00 People disappoint you

5:00 I get busy, I just don’t reach out

6:00 Retired by now Kleen

7:00 Dinner before the wedding

8:00 Through a church / courthouse

9:00 How do you know he’s a minister

10:00 I considered a prenup 

11:00 This is all about love 

12:00 No one will every satisfy your feelings 

13:00 We both know we’re dicks 

14:00 I don’t want them to be around 

15:00 Time for musical beds – Fuck it 

16:00 Hardcore dirty adult shit – Poop on you

17:00 Kleen teases  

18:00 How graphic was the text 

19:00 Final Words – Wrap-up  

Go Deep.

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