Goin’ Deep Show 1812: Handcuff yourself to your old lady

Kid and Kleen do an old movie review, we play a reaction video that parents will love, recap some sporting events with crashes, and the cops take away a kid for drawing a rocket. Go Deep. 


1:00 Hypersensitive to sound – extra noises

2:00 Death Proof – Kurt Russel

3:00 The bar scene with the hot chicks – leg flying off

4:00 Go watch it Kleen its a good flick

5:00 Couple handcuffs themselves together

6:00 Made you wanna bang more

7:00 Clingy and its done

8:00 Reaction videos 

9:00 Mother and Father faces

10:00 Hillbilly guy and the neighbor 

11:00 Sign takes out bike race 

12:00 On the track and cardboard sign takes him out 

13:00 Person hugging a rocket 

14:00 Palm beach county school district 

15:00 GDub used to work in that area 

16:00 Tugged at the heartstrings

17:00 Two months off 

18:00 Everyday and every night 

19:00 Final Words – Lets get the fuck out

Go Deep.

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