Goin’ Deep Show 1813: How to shoot your boner to the ground

Mr. Kleen has been told he has a bomb-ass cock after making a girl squirt so much they almost slip and fall and can’t get up. We knock out a list of things that will shoot your boner to the ground and somehow we talk about the Aardvark man. Go Deep. 


1:00 It’s a good way to spend 20 minutes

2:00 That’s a great reminder – New to podcasting

3:00 If he did really die – Shithead Segee board

4:00 Aardvark man? 

5:00 Twenty minutes of Aardvark antics – Then Top story

6:00 Ten biggest passion killers

7:00 List of things that makes me not want to have sex

8:00 I haven’t read any of this – Here’s my prediction

9:00 Gramma called – put her on speaker

10:00 People from the past list 

11:00 You motherfucker you fat piece of shit 

12:00 Tamales – eating them all year long 

13:00 Back to the list – Rushing into penetration

14:00 Caught by the Cops bang in the car 

15:00 Kleen this one has you written all over it trash talker 

16:00 Kleen banging – She squirts – You got a bomb ass cock

17:00 Inner child screaming –  

18:00 Wow, that bra really did you a favor 

19:00 Final Words –  Peanut gallery watching while you bang

Go Deep.

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