Goin’ Deep Show 1814: Slam it in there

The sleeping snatch maneuver, what constitutes cheating, face rides and rape in this episode of the show. Some young lady marries and old man and more women squashing what guys get traditionally . Go Deep. 


1:00 Kleen’s hairy hamburger chest

2:00 What is cheating

3:00 Good for you – appreciate the skills

4:00 I never say no to nothing

5:00 Slam it in there

6:00 My judgement of you – Double Standards

7:00 Taking on the double standard – mental gymnastics

8:00 Ride a face

9:00 I’m against all raping of me

10:00 Heterosexual males  

11:00 Massage and the green spa crack whore

12:00 I’m guessing their cheaper than a massage 

13:00 Math works in two directions – Morons getting married 

14:00 Inspirational and self growth channel

15:00 If this fucking thing will load – hotness?  

16:00 Here’s the problem – inspirational channel WTF

17:00 That’s alot of fucking years different 

18:00 Double standards women vs man etc.  

19:00 Final Words – Traditions ending 

Go Deep.

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