Goin’ Deep Show 1815: I’d marry a flashlight

Who needs two hands to beat it? Kleen jacks the camera off a few times in this one, Bill Gates has enough money to make you disappear and we encourage everyone not to get married, copy others and just stop being so goddamn annoying. Go Deep. 


1:00 You are in someones spank bank

2:00 Final Words, Whats on tap, gaming bullshit

3:00 Lets dive into headlines 

4:00 What do I do now compared to years past

5:00 Australia – Duff from MTV

6:00 How to cook or clean

7:00 Kleen and traditional values

8:00 Guys providing shit – still fucked up

9:00 Married men living longer

10:00 I get to do whatever you do 

11:00 His IQ’s not that fucking high 

12:00 Fuck marriage 

13:00 Dude I’d rather marry a fleshlight

14:00 Still ruled by his dick 

15:00 He has enough money to burry you 

16:00 When do you have time for a social life

17:00 Kleen you gotta talk – Jacking the camera off 

18:00 I don’t need two hands to type – fleshpot mount

19:00 Final Words –  Sperm donor

Go Deep.

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