Goin’ Deep Show 1816: Getting payed to polish the pickle

Kid and Kleen dive straight onto the Trevor Bauer story, bring up Bill Cosby being released, Hottie Amber Heard squirting out a child and of course its Midgetfest 2021 for Mr. Kleen. Kleen suggests we get payed to spank off so we can buy new cars. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Personal time – hit thegds.com

2:00 Availability of episodes

3:00 Pay yourself to masturbate

4:00 The bush brothers

5:00 MLB fucked up athletes

6:00 He’s a stud pitcher

7:00 Kleen blew his shoulder out masturbating

8:00 Masturbation right handed

9:00 Feel pleasure then I won’t

10:00 He said he’s innocent still

11:00 Blind Cosby 

12:00 Day full of disappointments 

13:00 I have a friend named Bill

14:00 She is the bar that sets the hot crazy matrix 

15:00 Amber Heard gives birth 

16:00 NBA – Anal-ist

17:00 Steamy bondage fest 

18:00 Why would I want to fuck those disgusting things 

19:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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