Goin’ Deep Show 1817: Man broke his package

Kleen has a bad nut and it’s all because of a friend who let his wife suck his nads . Kid gets hit dong ripped like a lawnmower and cuffing season is in full effect. Kleen has injuries and its never a good thing to hear. Did we mention he did some swinger action with a few friends? Listen in and Go Deep. 


1:00 You sound like a gay

2:00 I know where I know you from

3:00 Facebook messenger – When you read it

4:00 Broke LB’s dick – man breaks his package

5:00 It fucking hurt but I’m a champ

6:00 BMJ – Break your dong vertically

7:00 Reebok cock pump

8:00 Suck my ball and hurt it

9:00 Swingers – Hey lets have a fourway

10:00 Kleen’s injured balls  

11:00 Made her watch me bang another chick right in front of her 

12:00 Chillin’ and just hanging out – lawnmower dick rope burn 

13:00 His dick went lip 

14:00 Banged everything from a zero to a 22 

15:00 That bitch gave some freaky head 

16:00 Cuffing season? Isn’t that in the fall?

17:00 Last resort it with the tattoo’d  

18:00 Libido – off the charts 

19:00 Final Words – LB’s final words – Single for the summer 

Go Deep.

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