Goin’ Deep Show 1818: Grab your ankles

Time to chat about all sorts of jacked up places we’ve banged. We throw shouts to Mr. Kleen’s new little buddy, discuss the hotness of being spied upon and how to solve the olympics male vs female debate.  We sold the worlds problems here on the Goin’ Deep Show. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Studio@goindeepshow.com

2:00 I want to hear it – see it early

3:00 I want to go – $1 PBR

4:00 Think of some crazy nasty places 

5:00 Eaves dropping on sex

6:00 Banging her head against the wall

7:00 Public restroom bathroom

8:00 Pre production darkroom

9:00 Gigantic Camera

10:00 Hooking up with the security cam girl 

11:00 I don’t remember doing that shit 

12:00 Catching people doing lines 

13:00 They wanted to bang all the time 

14:00 Thumb sized clit 

15:00 Just get after it 

16:00 Asian spa with man dick

17:00 You can’t call them a shim 

18:00 Weight class vs testosterone 

19:00 Final Words – Words to live by 

Go Deep.

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