Goin’ Deep Show 1819: Chug some beers for therapy

Dead legends, a fake hottie of the week and we know you’re watching in this episode of the show.  We do an old lady a young lady and tell the tale of a lady who uses technology to look young and its causing problems. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 I was Madonna Vogue

2:00 Not the artsy fartsy painting

3:00 Literally my load

4:00 The coffee is cold

5:00 Kid you need to start the live stream

6:00 Why would you do that

7:00 Classic old school radio move – speaker blast

8:00 Have you beat to it – Spanked to it

9:00 She’s a very attractive bitch

10:00 Tamale crime 

11:00 Pornstar Brandi Love 

12:00 Faptate 

13:00 Created by God 

14:00 Jombo Mambos 

15:00 Older woman using the youth filter 

16:00 OnlyFans – control your own stuff

17:00 Not a ton of photoshop 

18:00 Old and new Hottie of the week 

19:00 Final Words –  Recap

Go Deep.

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