Goin’ Deep Show 1794: Balls stuck to your leg

Time to unlatch your sweaty balls from your leg.  Kid and Kleen bring up topics that range from telling Facebook to go fuck itself, Suction cupped testicles, banana flavored underpants, killings with bats, teacher of the year suicides and watching off with the corn cob butter applicator. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1608: Have you banged enough chicks?

Kid and Mr. Kleen make sure to ask all the right questions and the first one that pops into the mind is has Mr. Kleen banged enough chicks if he happens to catch the VID. We talk nasty shit, Kleen’s mom, Infrared Farts, People outraged over dumb shit, FUPA’s vs FUDa’s and Zaldor gets called out on the Urban Dictionary. Kleen forgets shit, laughs at nothing and we wrap with a Red Eye favorite. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1583: Would you motorboat Gretchen Whitmer?

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Mr. Kleen, Endo, Hammer get in studio to discuss seeing celebs, Endo holding up the show because she’s grunting in the bathroom then questioning why 2019 was fun. The Kid’s kid hits that lady wall. We talk about untrusting significant others, pocket pussies and old folks homes full of std’s. Kid wraps […]