Goin’ Deep Show 1752: Zip Hampton can touch the rim

Kleen tried to contain the baseline in this one. We play an awesome Joe Rogan clip, discuss hot high school girlfriends, Telling coach about the list Mr. Kleen list and we love hate armpit hair on women. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1657: The Footlong clit

Kid and Kleen go from dog names to feminist in this one.  We tip our cap to Kleen and his efforts to keep ridiculous content to our new VIP area. Kleen drools over Liz Hurley, Kid talks about Stern and how money has changed things and we really kick out a few clips for Black History Month. A Tranny fooling a brotha, A sexy cooking show, deadly sex and one of our favorite clips of all time. Ladies proving a guys point in a split second. Go Deep.