Goin’ Deep Show 1640: YouTube is pissed at us

Kid and Kleen are in deep shit with Youtube. We have been warned and its because we apparently are fooling people.  In this one we manage to thank L.B. for a present, highlight a few upcoming new shows, play some little white boys swearing and some little black boys swearing and Kid is pissed at the equipment for being all fucked up. We wrap with a Hottie of the week and figuring out how and where we’ll be live streaming in the future. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1590: Sniffing my fingers

IN STUDIO:  It’s time to sniff some fingers with Kid, Endo, Thundercats, Jay Bird, ON THE PHONE: L.B. We catch up with L.B. and talk a ton of court related stuff.  We talk masks in court, how we’ll die and the Kid suggest ways to mess with former significant others. Jay Bird talks a bit about Celebrities and we shake our heads at reality and how it mimics movies. Endo talks bruised cock and the Kid shows the world what not to do with your face. Listen in and Go Deep.