Goin’ Deep Show 1682: I think she farted on my dick

Kid is happy a podcast of old has returned and hates on one that is making a valiant attempt but failing miserably. We do the apology tour that everyone seems to be on and we talk about a famous tit getting whipped out. Kleen wants to follow up on all the Z list celeb cum dumpsters and we throw a shout to an MMA fighter begging Miley Cyrus for a date. Endo gets creative and shaves her pussy hair into letters and Kid wants to let someone pay to put cornrows in his pubes. We wrap with Kleen giving us info about a former nympho that he once banged and we talk about chicks who fart. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1675: Zooming in on the cameltoe

Beware of the inner workings of a woman. Don’t be tempted to let agenda creep in from that thing. Oversensitive clits, zooming on cameltoe and the countdown to legal ages are all in this episode along with Miley and Dua Lipa getting Raunchy, Kleen calls out bitches fucking with their hair. We tell everyone what the slut magnet is and we wrap with fat chicks in ads. WTF.  Go Deep.