Goin’ Deep Show 1673: Getting serious about naughty shit

Kid and Kleen welcome Shoninzo to the show where we see if he’s ever worked up a boner for his nurses, talk about parachute pants, When blondes, Crazy Asians, British Accents, Pandemic shits and relationships. We wrap with huge asses and Mia Malkova. Listen in. Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1672: Dirtiest track coach in history

Yelling at Lebron, get famous, cause a scene and you can influence. Kid tells you how to heckle millionaires, we tease a John Stamos video, Talk about old school stag films and Social network bullshit. We wrap with Salma Hayek saying something but who cares… she’s got titties. Listen in. Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1632: Stop the homophobia

Please, pretty please don’t start a podcast. A public service announcement from some Australians and from us here at The Goin’ Deep Show. We do some urban dictionary, play a clip of some hillbillies and one of those Paul boys saying even more dumb shit than we do. Did we mention someone called us homophobes on Apple Podcasts.  We’re hurt. Wah! Go Deep.