Goin’ Deep Show 1670: Reheat your ghetto food

Kid, El Pres and Sawyer yap about gobstopper oral, head and what you do to get girls to do things to you, faking massage orgasms and Endo calls in with an agenda that she won’t tell us. Kid gets unselfish about the show and we tell everyone about The Fallen. Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1651: Things that piss off women

Kid and Kleen discuss tapping a bitches head off testicles during a threesome,  Alternatives to Facebook/Twitter, and creating our own Social Network aka a cult for the fallen. We ask why Donald Trump didn’t take some of his money and do the same. We play some clips of why women are fucking upset with their guys and believe it or not threesomes aren’t on the list.  We wrap up daydreaming about old lady celebs and we finish with Mr. Kleen’s new logo gear. Go Deep.