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Goin’ Deep Show 1596: Caught Zoom jackin’

Kid and Mr. Kleen make fun of assholes who don’t know when they’re jerking off on zoom, Kid asks if everyone else in the world knows about other peoples relationships then plays a clip of relationship export, O.J. Simpson to making fun of the Jerker Jerking off on Zoom. We do a teacher getting fingered by a student story, tell Rose McGowan to go to hell and shut the fuck up for once and wrap it up with some fat sex workers getting their daughters to


Goin’ Deep Show 1595: Time for chicken sex

We hate everyone equally, wag our finger at political correctness, Kid has decided to make fun of which potty people choose to go in then talks shit about words that make people squirm. He rips on some bands he  wish would just die in a plane crash already then does some headlines about a guy fucking a chicken, gives out his favorite pro wrestler, sex workers learning the inter web and Mr. Kleen attempting to sell his farts on Ebay. We wrap discussing where a few local podcasters went and dish out a Paralyzer’s Hottie of the Week.


Goin’ Deep Show 1594: Lets party with Mom

Kid and Kleen mention real life meetings to plan for the show, What the actual Fuck.  The Kid is sick of that goddamn Fleetwood Mac Song being played everywhere, Kleen sends a bunch of memes that are unrelated then does a recap of his kid playing fall softball. We do a review of the Twin Peaks Breastaraunt. We do a male vs female then hit headlines that include a party with mom scenario, Rogan’s producer gets Covid and we wrap with a Hottie of the week. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


Goin’ Deep Show 1593: No Mo Dick

Kid and Kleen in studio discussing all sorts of dumb shit. We kick things off with some clip of a brother telling his girl what she won’t be getting if she keeps acting up. Kid tells everyone things need to be fair even when it sucks and we ask Mr. Kleen if he’d bang his Cooch’s mom.  We play a random sex position game with the porn box, get grossed out by huge pussy lips and cutting them off then wrap up with female doctors chopping cocks off. Its simple everyone.  Listen and go fucking deep. 


Goin’ Deep Show 1592: Saint of the Internet

The Kid gets freaked out by the Dr. Nurse F Show talking about The Corona Virus but can’t stop talking about Barney’s amazing new food menu. Mr. Kleen claims that there are women who have better bodies after they plop out a little hell beast and Kid rants for a few minutes about Howard Stern and how watered down he’s become. Some bitch tries to sue her Ex because he destroyed her body with a child and some little nerd could potentially be the patron saint of the internet. We wrap up with ganging ambitions, a paster pissing on som


Goin’ Deep Show 1591: She’s naked down there

In this episode of the Show Kid, Endo, Thundercat and Jay Bird get in studio to discuss celebrity hunting and then some. Endo and Hi Ho complain about chicks not seeing as many dicks on the internet as tits, ass and pussy and we play a clip of a Major League baseball player grabbing a chicks titties during a live game. To top it off the Kid plays a clip of a few chicks behind home plate whipping their jugs out at a world series game and we ask Jay Bird about which celebs he likes to bump into. We wrap it all up with some Eric Andre clips. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


Kid A.G.

Host - Mastermind - Blabbering Jackass

Mr. Kleen

Co-Host - Cooch Wrangler - Drunk