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Goin’ Deep Show 1574: Lets not ignore the Cooch

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. PHONE: Cooch JizzDecider.com is the sponsor for tonights episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. We go crazy gobbling up domain names and chatting with Cooch on the phones. We ask about Kleen’s love making sessions, loads and where to put them along with a preview of fight night as Zaldor gets threatened by


Goin’ Deep Show 1573: Drugs will fuck your sister up

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. Its a board overload in this one. Kid is scared of Endo’s sister, We salute that faggot Red Eye and try to get Mr. Kleen’s uncle to come put a bag over someones head. We fail at a call then dive ass first into length of sex sessions, play a ton of boards


Goin’ Deep Show 1572: I coughed and shit my pants

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. We continue out month long celebration of our 16th year with a special in studio guest.  Zaldor joins the crew for the next eight, yes count them eight episodes of the show. In this one we discuss merch, the background of TapDetroit.com, Slut Chomper madness and we wrap it all up with tons


Goin’ Deep Show 1571: $70k for fucked up hair

IN STUDIO:  Kid tells Slut Chomper to go to hell and learn how to use buttons. We discuss Andrea Savage and her show on Netflix, discuss how dumb a $70,000 haircut can look and Kleen tries to flee the political discussion. We present a concept car they actually made and wrap up with Trump and Covid chat. Listen in and


Kid A.G.

Host - Mastermind - Blabbering Jackass

Mr. Kleen

Co-Host - Cooch Wrangler - Drunk