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Goin’ Deep Show 1592: Saint of the Internet

The Kid gets freaked out by the Dr. Nurse F Show talking about The Corona Virus but can’t stop talking about Barney’s amazing new food menu. Mr. Kleen claims that there are women who have better bodies after they plop out a little hell beast and Kid rants for a few minutes about Howard Stern and how watered down he’s become. Some bitch tries to sue her Ex because he destroyed her body with a child and some little nerd could potentially be the patron saint of the internet. We wrap up with ganging ambitions, a paster pissing on som


Goin’ Deep Show 1591: She’s naked down there

In this episode of the Show Kid, Endo, Thundercat and Jay Bird get in studio to discuss celebrity hunting and then some. Endo and Hi Ho complain about chicks not seeing as many dicks on the internet as tits, ass and pussy and we play a clip of a Major League baseball player grabbing a chicks titties during a live game. To top it off the Kid plays a clip of a few chicks behind home plate whipping their jugs out at a world series game and we ask Jay Bird about which celebs he likes to bump into. We wrap it all up with some Eric Andre clips. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


Goin’ Deep Show 1590: Sniffing my fingers

IN STUDIO:  It’s time to sniff some fingers with Kid, Endo, Thundercats, Jay Bird, ON THE PHONE: L.B. We catch up with L.B. and talk a ton of court related stuff.  We talk masks in court, how we’ll die and the Kid suggest ways to mess with former significant others. Jay Bird talks a bit about Celebrities and we shake our heads at reality and how it mimics movies. Endo talks bruised cock and the Kid shows the world what not to do with your face. Listen in and Go Deep. 


Goin’ Deep Show 1589: Mike Tyson Death Pool

Jay Bird, Thundercat join the kid where we hit the celebrity stalking pretty hard.  Kid discusses his boyhood idol, Jose Canseco and we play some clips of Naked Celebs, Mike Tyson barely being able to talk and someone is now just getting the internet.  I’m sure they’ll discover porn very soon. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


Goin’ Deep Show 1588: A Horse bang to death

Kid and Kleen throw some headlines at you including how to kill your child with a trampoline, how a horse banging you might lead to your death, The Kid is pissed at baseball, talks about rituals and we remember Ava Devine saying all sorts of dirty shit. We put out a Mr. Kleen’s skanky cock gobbling whore of the night and Endo gets a call. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.


Goin’ Deep Show 1587: Kid’s bop can go to hell

IN STUDIO: Kid and Kleen kick out the show with topics of Kid’s Bop doing obnoxious Cardi B songs, Some asshole shitting in a box, and some dude dressing in skirts.  Kleen addresses doing a chick Eiffel Tower style and we do a hottie of the week.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep.  TIMELINE  1:00 Gotta be a hoop monkey   2:00 Bizarre


Kid A.G.

Host - Mastermind - Blabbering Jackass

Mr. Kleen

Co-Host - Cooch Wrangler - Drunk