Goin’ Deep Show 1800: A double jerk off situation

Big C and Kriss LaRock are back for episode 1,800 where they recap some of the antics from New Orleans including hanging with celebrities, the difference between Las Vegas and The French quarter. We wrap up with toothless Greg info and ask if Big C’s kids could beat him up. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1799: Find me a Goddamn midget

We have a hatred towards condoms in this episode, we ask Big C about getting crop dusted, sexual harassment being fun and we find many things to rail against. We wrap with drunken sex and body bags. Go Deep. 

Goin’Deep Show 1798: Flavored Chapstick around your butthole

Kid and Kleen welcome Big C and Kriss LaRock to the Show where we discuss eating ass, Tongue fucking, newly invented sex maneuvers, and Big C gives us the details on being too big to be a midget, robbing the cradle and we all learn how to make your bung hole taste super good. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1791: Kleen’s magic eraser dick

Kid and Kleen continue drunken hangover chatter where we discuss QR codes, new vietnam virus shit, breaking bones, Kleen finding the love of his lifetime, Kid hungover is better than local podcasters sober and we wrap with how many movies Brandi Love has made and we preview the midget show coming up. Go Deep.