Goin’ Deep Show 1702: What if she’s batshit crazy?

Kid is pissed about something and asks everyone to simply answer a goddamn question the first time he asks.  We talk about Britney, Aging, being married to a guy, JLo and Mexican asses, David Letterman and double standards. We wonder how going back in time has been made possible through the internet and we damn the pussifiction of everything . Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1601: Recap of the last 100

Kid and Kleen go over the last 100 episodes… or make an attempt to.  We manage to get through only 50 of them but its a good way to catch up if you’re a lazy fuck who has fallen behind.  Listen in and Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1584: China loves to kill animals

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Mr. Kleen in studio yelling about China. This one has animal death, child death, black beards, someone who loves the Ca Ca and we discuss what could be the worst wedding cake topper of all time.  I mean if you’re into shackling yourself to other human beings and having your hobbies […]