Goin’ Deep Show 1580: Vibrating fun at the local grocery store

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen discuss hidden camera’s in your ass, a recap of the Zaldor shows, Selfies, Facebook, waking up to blowjobs, cock rings, the Pres all Covid-19’d and some dude who wants to put it in his chicks pooper.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep.  TIMELINE  1:00 Zaldor encouraging us do the store  […]

Mr. Kleen and Kid A.G. pushing out more shit than two girls one cup

Apparently these morons can’t stop yapping into microphones. Goin’ Deep Show brainiacs Kid A.G. and Mr. Kleen, along with a few other knuckleheads, will be in studio this evening (10/22) to blab about tonights Presidential Debate then to really prove they have nothing more to say they’ll attempt to dive right back into studio tomorrow […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1575: Coughing my dick out

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. PHONE: Cousing Joe. We are just keeping this idiot ball rolling in this episode where we give a call to The Kid’s cousin and promote his movies on Amazon. We bust open the Endo and Kid quote file and Zaldor tells us about the times he’s encountered some […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1574: Lets not ignore the Cooch

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. PHONE: Cooch JizzDecider.com is the sponsor for tonights episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. We go crazy gobbling up domain names and chatting with Cooch on the phones. We ask about Kleen’s love making sessions, loads and where to put them along with a preview of fight night […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1457: Motorboat his balls

Kid welcomes back Mr. Kleen,  Mischief and Kelso into the studio where we talk AB’s of oral sex, jaw soreness and female fans with lesbian sex change problems. Kleen and his new lady discuss how you have to work into some anal, the Bowflex granny and how if you’re attractive you can get away with lots of […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1456: In a bloody vagina baby

Kid welcomes back Mr. Kleen and he has with him his new lady friend known as Mischief.  Kelso also sits in but doesn’t want to say shit on the mic.  We think she’s just here for the free beer. Kid appreciates the fact that Mr. Kleen found someone who is just as awful and disgusting […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1443: Losing your virginity to a micropenis

IN THIS EPISODE OF THE GOIN’ DEEP SHOW: In this episode of Goin’ Deep Show, the Kid gets back on track asking Mr. Kleen and Cannons some of their past sexual exploits, who makes the first move and when the last time they diddled each other’s parts.  We confront Mr. Kleen on why he’s a smoker […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1442: The horny lesbo just wanted to hear your voice

IN THIS EPISODE OF THE GOIN’ DEEP SHOW: Welcome to goddamn 2019 bitches.  The Kid is back in studio with longtime GDS host Mr, Kleen. In this episode the Kid asks Kleen if he ever jams a digit up his own ass when he’s jerking off.  We meet his lady Cannons and she reveals a few things […]